Flex-a-lite 270 ’97-’05 Ford Truck Fan

by mannyadm

Flex-a-lite 270
Flex-a-lite 270 ’97-’05 Ford Truck Fan Detail

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Flex-a-lite 270 ’97-’05 Ford Truck Fan Description

This Flex-a-lite #270 Ford Truck fan is built for the demands of a truck. As a direct bolt-on electric fan kit for many of the 1997-2005 Ford trucks, this fan is the answer to the overheating problems caused by slow, inner city driving, and can solve the cooling problems that occur with body lifts. Up to 17 additional horsepower is transferred to the wheels by removing the mechanical fan, resulting in a gain of as much as 3 mpg in fuel economy.

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Flex-a-lite 270

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